The best way to overcome difficulties due to dyslexia is to take lessons from an experienced teacher who has a specialist qualification (SpLD). At the Bristol Dyslexia Centre we have achieved excellent results in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

About the lessons

  • Lessons are generally an hour long.
  • Students are usually taught on a 2:1 basis. 2:1 lessons are less intense and more fun as games can be used to stimulate learning.
  • Adults may be taught 1:1, 2:1 or in small groups.
  • Each lesson is created specifically for the individual, following a programme designed to meet each person’s unique needs, even in a shared lesson.
  • It is not essential to have had a formal assessment before starting lessons.
  • The first step is a consultation appointment, get in touch here: “Contact Us” 

Lesson types

Support is avialable for children of Junior & Senior school age. (7yrs+) Parents are involved with regular feedback and card games/strategies that can be reinforced at home. Teachers are always available for a quick chat or for more regular feedback a contact book or email can be set up for communication between school, home and the Centre. We also hold parents evenings twice per year.

Every student has an individual learning programme to address their learning strengths and weaknesses. This can be given to parents and teachers so that the centre, parents and school can work more closely together to gain the best possible outcome.

Adults are paired with other adults or may be taught 1:1. Teachers are sensitive to feelings of embarrassment and there is no criticism or testing. It is often useful for adults to meet others in similar situations who experience the same types of difficulties; strategies can often be shared and learnt from each other.
To continue support at home, or if you are unable to attend for lessons then try exploring our software, which is based on the specialist knowledge and teaching strategies developed and taught at the Centre.
Maths Support
Dyslexics who struggle with maths and students with dyscalculia, need to learn maths skills in different ways and with lots of fun and practical activities linked to a suitable structure. BDC also has maths tutors who devise incremental and progressive programmes of intervention for each student.

Enrolment starts with an initial consultation Contact Us