About Us

Bristol Dyslexia Centre is an independent teaching and assessment centre for all ages. Pat Jones, principal of the Centre, is supported by her committed team of specially trained and dedicated teachers.

PAT JONES – Founder and Principal


“In 1987 I set up the Bristol Dyslexia Centre and it has rapidly expanded from 10 pupils to 300. In 1991, I started Belgrave School, providing full time schooling for children aged 7 – 16 years with specific learning difficulties.

I have also devised my own structured system for teaching dyslexics which has proved to be highly successful. This complete learning programme Nessy and many supporting, interactive programmes are readily available online so anyone, anywhere in the world, can experience the advantage of learning with our methods.”

In Jan 2015 Pat was awarded the OBE in the Queen’s new years honours for her services to Education. OBE Article

MIKE JONES – Director of Nessy

mike“I hated school. I was the dunce of the class who couldn’t spell his own name. At 7 years old I found out I was dyslexic. It took me many years not to feel ashamed of this and not to feel that it was some kind of excuse.

When I was taught in a style which suited the way I learnt, I went from bottom to the top of the class. I went to Art College, then to take a Law Degree, and then went onto retrain to teach dyslexic students. Now I am passionate about helping other dyslexics succeed, in a way that is fun, innovative and not like school”.

Mike has developed the Nessy software with creativity and flair and has won the Educational Resource Award for SEN, 3 years in succession.