Dyslexia Trust

Bristol Dyslexia Centre provides specialist learning and assessment services for dyslexic children and adults. The centre is fee paying, however there are many children and families who are in desperate need of specialist help, but who cannot afford to pay. The Dyslexia Trust was established in 1994, to award bursaries to dyslexics who need help at the centre, but are unable to attend for reasons of financial difficulty.

Our aim is to help dyslexic children and adults achieve their full potential in education, employment and the community by giving them access to specialist assessment, learning and support services.

Who we help: In addition to dyslexia, those attending (who are generally in mainstream schools) often present with other conditions or learning disabilities, for example dyspraxia, dyscalculia, mild autistic spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, speech and language difficulties. They almost always display low levels of confidence and self-esteem. There is generally little help available from the local authority unless a child has a statement of SEN, which is becoming increasingly rare.

Friends of BDC

Why not join our ‘Friends of BDC’? Your ideas and support could help a needy child to overcome his/her specific learning difficulty and become a confident, achieving adult.

Volunteers who join our fundraising group make new friends, have fun thinking up new projects and know that they are making a child’s life happier.

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