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We’ve had many success stories over the years. If you’re a past student please share yours below!

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  • I’m sure my family called into thank Pat, but I am now a Specialist & Group Head in Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care. My practice is in London and I have met some very well-known and interesting people I would never have even been in the same room as let alone paying me for my advice – and my year 4 teacher thought I was deaf !

    I still get my extra time for even these exams – Just passed my certifying exam for recognised specialist status – I’m now a diplomate of the American college of veterinary emergency and critical care.



  • My Year at the (Bristol) Dyslexia Centre

    I entered the ‘Dyslexia Centre’ following a difficult time in the state sector education system where I was constantly excluded from lessons due to bad behaviour. When I left my state school of five years, my future looked bleak. I had no ‘SATS’ qualifications and therefore a difficult journey ahead of me in terms of entrance into secondary education. More than anything however, a real sense of anger and frustration shrouded me – I knew I wasn’t stupid and that I had potential to excel and succeed. Having been taken to the’ Dyslexia Centre’ during my time at school, I had been diagnosed with ‘Dyspraxia’; a learning disability that meant sequencing and order are hampered. Both my parents knew that a school with a better quality of education would provide the solution to this problem, although my exclusion had damaged my self-expectation, and when looking at an institution of private education, I felt worried about whether their expectation would be too high, and the success I desperately wanted would be unachievable.

    When I looked at the Dyslexia Centre’s School I was surprised by the time given to the individual, and the nature of care and security that the teachers provided for their pupils. Furthermore a sense of friendship was obvious between the students – an important aspect of learning also. In my trial lessons, core skills were taught; skills that for the most part I had missed out on in my exclusion. Clearly the ethos surrounding the school aimed to give more time to its students for learning and understanding, alongside a strong foundation of a stable social commune.

    I attended the ‘Dyslexia Centre’ for a year, before going on to a private school. My progress has changed dramatically. I now have 11 GCSEs and 4 AS levels, alongside 4 University places. My future is now looking bright.

    Without the help of the ‘Dyslexia Centre’, I would not have had the time to reconsolidate my education and realise its importance. Neither would I have had the time to regain the self esteem I needed to succeed. A learning disability can be overcome with the right help and I would recommend the centre to anyone.



  • My brother and family got support while he was at school and it gave him a great confidence and understanding. He has gone on after school to complete a 4 year welding apprentiship and various other qualifications including lorry driving and tree felling. He is now 30Years old and could of never done this without the great support from Bristol dyslexia Centre!! Thank you .



  • I started going to the Dyslexia Centre when I was 6 years old after a very challenging time at school. Back then dyslexia was unfamiliar to not only my school but family and friends. Many people had mistaken it for being ‘slow’ or ‘stupid’. Across time and with the support of Pat and the people at the Dyslexia Centre it began to become my best friend and something that I realised contributed to me being me. I recognised very quickly that I was actually one of the smartest people in the class and also one of the most creative. When I joined the dyslexia centre I was not able to read or write and as you can imagine it was very frustrating for me, but thanks to the centre every week I made rapid progress. I went from the bottom to the class to the top; I went from failing exams to gaining some of the best grades in the school and I went on to university and now have a very successful career in London where I am a top achiever. One of the things that people always say about me is that I am very inspiring and determined to do well. I think a lot of this has to do with my dyslexia and that internal desire to prove people wrong. None of this would have been possible without Pat and the teachers at the school. My biggest piece of advice to any students reading this is; always believe in yourself, and that some of the smartest and most successful people in the world are dyslexic.


    Clare Corrie


  • I started at the BDC when I was 8 years old and had one two one tutorage, then a did a year at the school as well as coming back when I was 18 to help me get into University.

    Thank you, you just understood me and my Dyslexic mind. You gave me confidence to learn and made me feel happier going to school. As well as giving me confidence in myself! For this my parents and I are very grateful.

    I’m now 30, I Passed all my GCSEs, A levels, have a Degree (2:1) and became a qualified teacher. Now 12 years after leaving BDC, I run Four Autism Ltd a consultancy in London working with children and their families on the Autistic Spectrum.

    Thank you for allowing me to see my potential.



  • I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for the diagnosis you gave me during my undergraduate degree. At that time I had been through the education system with no idea that I had any sort of learning disability and was continuously accused of being “lazy” and “aloof”. Since graduating with a First Class Degree, and then gaining a masters, I graduated in 2018 with a PhD from The University of Cambridge. I have gone on to become a Teaching Fellow. I work in a very text-heavy learning environment but my diagnosis made me aware of some of the strengths and weaknesses associated with dyslexia. Without a shadow of a doubt this awareness makes it easier for me to manage, cope with and succeed on a day-to-day basis, living in a non-dyslexic world. I remember your staff being sensitive, knowledgeable, experienced enough to offer me some quite profound and life-altering advice during my assessment. I want to offer a warm thank you for all the support you showed me.



  • My son Ethan, came to you one lunchtime a week for several years. He was 7 when he started and the difficulties he faced seemed like they would limit his working life and education. You taught him so many different ways to thrive. He got a first class degree in Economics and a MSc in Cybersecurity and is now starting to enjoy the fruits of his labours. Thank you so much for guidance and help when we felt lost as to what to do. Especially Pat.



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